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Steps to becoming a foster parent

Step 1
There are far too many myths about who or what kinds of families make good or acceptable foster families. Don't underestimate your potential to offer a warm, loving environment to a child at risk and do not be afraid to learn more about the foster and foster to adopt program. The first step is getting more information and having your pressing questions answered. Feel free to send an email, phone the agency or stop in to talk to a Resource worker.

Step 2
Please call our agency at 519-631-1492 and ask to speak with Marnie Merritt or a worker in the Foster Care Resource department to hear more about the foster or foster to adopt program. When you call you can talk with someone about your interest and your situation and get more information on the process to becoming a resource family. If you are interested, we can send you an information package and possibly arrange for someone to come and meet with you to discuss the program and provide you with insight into some of the housing standards we require for a foster home.

Step 3
If it is decided to proceed with the process, you will be required to participate in the PRIDE foster parent training. This training is 9 sessions in length with each session being 3 hours. For those interested in foster to adopt, there is one additional session at the end of the training that focuses on specific information related to adoption. The PRIDE training is usually offered three times a year and is run one night a week for ten weeks and it has also been run on Saturdays, with two sessions a day over five Saturdays.

Step 4
Once you have started the training you will be asked to complete paperwork, including an application package, police checks, medicals, references, child welfare agency checks and questionnaires. You will also be involved in a Mutual Family Assessment, also known as the 'homestudy', where a worker from this agency will get to know you and your family and conduct interviews in your home.

Family and Children's Services of St. Thomas and Elgin encompasses an equal opportunity foster parent association.  In this mission we strive to build an inclusive foster parent resource that reflects the rich diversity of the community we live in.  To this end we encourage applications from persons of all abilities, cultures, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations.