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How You Can Join

You can be a part of the work that Family & Children's Services does by working for our agency, volunteering or by joining our Board of Directors. 

If you are interested in working at our agency, you can click here to review any employment opportunities at our agency.

If you are interested in giving of your time or special skills, you can click here to learn more about volunteering.

Please read below if you are interested in joining our Board of Directors.

A By-Law relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of Family & Children’s Services of St. Thomas and Elgin.
6.01    The Society shall have two classes of members – regular and life members.
6.02    The membership year of the Society shall coincide with its fiscal year.
6.03    Membership dues shall be $5.00 per year for individual memberships and $8.00 per year for family memberships, or such other amount as may be determined by the Board and approved by the Membership.  Dues are payable on the first day of April of each year.
6.04      Any person supportive of the Vision, Mission and Values of the Society, sympathetic with the objectives of the Society and who resides in ElginCounty may, upon application to the Secretary of the Board, and upon payment of the required dues, become a member in Good Standing of the Society, provided such person is of the full age of 18 years and is not an employee of the Society.
6.05    A regular membership in the Society is not transferable and automatically terminates:
            a)         if the member resigns as a member of the Society or dies, or
            b)         if the member is removed by the adoption of the resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of the members voting at any meeting of the Society, or
            c)         with non-payment of the annual dues.
6.06    The following people shall become Life Members of the Society:
            a)         all past presidents of the Board
            b)         any person(s) as the Board may elect in recognition of distinguished services to the Society or any of its objectives and by resolution of the Board,
            c)         any person paying at any one time the sum of twenty-five dollars ($25.00).
6.07    Each Regular and Life member of the Society is eligible for election to the Board and election or appointment as the case may be to the other offices of the Society.