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Volunteer Profile

“I have always believed that you should give back to your community and I have learned that I get way more back from volunteering than I ever give.  The rewards are endless. I have so many memorable moments. Recently one of the children got in my car with a gift for me.  It was a book of daily readings for a spiritual journey because of a conversation we had about spiritual beliefs.  I was so touched by this.  It wasn’t about the was about the fact that he actually thought and cared enough about ME when he himself has his own journey to travel.  Why would anyone not want to volunteer?”
Lynn, volunteer since 2004

“I really like to meet people and it keeps me active.  Driving the children is always fun! I enjoy that the most. One of my young passengers always tells me that I am driving the wrong way….especially if I turn left. It’s kind of funny but for some strange reason, he just doesn’t like it when I turn left!
Gary, volunteer since 2005

“I volunteer because I think everyone has a responsibility to give back to their community and help each other out.  There are lots of benefits of volunteer driving but I think the best part is just feeling proud of helping kids safe when they are travelling. That is the best reward.”
Terry, volunteer since 2011

"I volunteer because I really like to help others. I mostly enjoy the smiles I receive from the children I have helped but I also enjoy meeting others including experiencing different cultures and different views.” 
Bob, volunteer since 2012

Because I am committed to being part of the solution, not the problem. Some of my most memorable moments have been singing to tunes on the radio with my passengers.”
Kathleen, volunteer since 2013

“I volunteer because I have expertise that is easy for me to share and yet makes a big difference to those I can share with.  Because it reminds me how lucky I am.  Because I have been given so much in life and believe it’s important to give as well.”
Stacey, volunteer since 2017

 “For me, the best part of volunteering is the young people I get to meet.  Every one of them comes with a unique personality. They’re so quick to share their lives with me. The hugs are an added bonus!”
Nancy, volunteer since 2016

For More Information
We would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about our volunteer program. Here’s how to contact the Volunteer Coordinator:
Call 519-631-1492 (ext 248).

Email at

The Volunteer Program is situated at the Child, Youth and Family Centre of Family & Children’s Services:
99 Edward Street
St. Thomas, ON N5P 1Y8