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Board / Staff

Board of Directors 2023-24

Laura Anguish

(Vice Chair)

Lyndsay Collard

Donna Good

Craig Watkin

Jan Maguire


Christopher Paul

Christopher Paul


Lindsay Rice

Nora Sanders


Heather Sheridan

Janice White

Brian Flint

(Executive Director)

Board of Directors 2023-24

Chair – Jan Maguire
Vice-Chair – Laura Anguish
Secretary – Nora Sanders
Treasurer – Christopher Paul
Directors – Lyndsay Collard, Donna Good, Nora Sanders, Heather Sheridan, Craig Watkin, Janice White

Staff Directory and Organizational Chart

Executive Director – Brian Flint
Director of Services – Shelley West
Manager, Finance and Administrative Service – Barry Westman
Manager, Human Resources – Shelley Wright
Manager, Administrative Support Services / Executive Assistant – Neil Hubert