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Spanking: should I or shouldn't I? For Infants

For Infants

Babies who have learned to crawl suddenly find the whole world is available to them. It can be hard to keep up with a one-year-old's activities! It is very important to babies' development that they are allowed to explore so that they can learn about the objects in their environment.

Create a baby-friendly environment. Your baby should be able to explore freely without you having to worry about injuries.

Remove objects that are breakable, sharp, electrical, or can be toppled over,

  • plug up electrical outlets
  • put cords out of reach
  • install stair-gates
  • put locks on cupboards containing knives, toxic substances, etc.

Grab, don't slap hands that touch dangerous things. This will prevent injury just as effectively.

Distract the child's attention from activities that are dangerous. It is easy to get an infant interested in another activity if you make it look exciting.

Control your temper. When you get frustrated, put the baby in a crib or playpen and leave the room until you have calmed down.

Understand that a baby communicates through crying. She is expressing a need, not trying to annoy you. It is important to respond to her cries so that she learns to trust you to meet her needs.