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Supporting Youth

Information for Youth In Care and Former Crown Wards

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) has just unveiled, a new website designed for Crown wards and those who support them, as they consider and plan for their future.

Ontario Crown Ward Postsecondary Application Fee Reimbursement Program

Provincial assistance is now available through the Ontario Crown Ward Postsecondary Application Fee Reimbursement Program to help current and former Ontario Crown wards cover postsecondary application fees. The program provides up to $210 to reimburse eligible postsecondary application fees incurred for full-time studies by current and former Ontario Crown wards for a first postsecondary degree, diploma or certificate program starting in the Fall 2009 term or later.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) Income Exemption for Bursaries/Scholarships for Crown Wards

Beginning in the 2008-2009 academic year, bursaries and scholarships provided to current and former Crown wards by Children’s Aid Societies and the Children’s Aid Foundation are eligible for an OSAP exemption.

Up to $3,500 of eligible bursaries and scholarships will be exempt from income in OSAP. Students in receipt of these awards will be assessed for OSAP funding for full-time studies without consideration of the exempt amount.

If you received a bursary or scholarship from your Children’s Aid Society or the Children’s Aid Foundation, contact your Children’s Aid Society for the necessary form that you will need to provide to OSAP to get this exemption.

Scholarships and bursaries provided by community agencies or organizations or corporations may be eligible for the OSAP exemption if child welfare involvement was an eligibility requirement for the award.