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Survival Burn out Tips

Avoid Parental Burnout

Fifteen Tips from Family Support Worker Patty Dunn

1) Take care of yourself. Do one nice thing for yourself each day.

2) Exercise - there's nothing better to ward off stress.

3) Organize your home and work atmosphere. Reduce clutter.

4) Talk to someone.

5) Keep a thought journal. You would be surprised how much it can reduce stress.

6) Practice stress management techniques - deep breathing, imagery, doodle, aromatherapy.

7) Volunteer. It is a very rewarding experience.

8) Keep a sense of humour. Don't take things so seriously.

9) Laugh and have fun.

10) Clarify your values and live by them.

11) Seek outside help when needed.

12) Eat nutritious meals. Mom was right - eat your fruit and vegetables.

13) Get enough sleep.

14) Lead by example. Remember, you're the adult - they will be watching you.

15) Don't over do it - you're only human.