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Survival guide

For parents and guardians, a major challenge is how to keep the kids from proclaiming, "I'm bored, there's nothing to do."

To help FACS-Elgin has prepared the following survival guide filled with tips, resources and, when all else fails, a list of agencies that provide year-round parenting support programs.

Kids' Adventure Club
Idea #3: Go on a bug safari. Collect millipedes, grasshoppers, spiders, or crickets. Tip: Check pockets before washing clothes!

Parental Survival Guide
Tip #9: Make a weekly menu. Consider what your day is like Monday to Friday. Have simple meals on days that are more...

Avoid Burnout
Tip #6: Practice stress management techniques - deep breathing, imagery, doodling, aromatherapy

Agencies provide parental support
"There are a variety of services in Elgin County that provide temporary relief, advice or an avenue to share the trials and tribulations of parenting during the summer and all year-round."

Child and Family Canada
A unique public education web site, which contains a library of over 1300 documents on topics including reducing family rage, child abuse and neglect and starting the day off right.